We are a video game developer specializing in training + marketing.

Fun Makers

TGA infuses fun and competition into every drop of our games to better engage, educate, and drive retention.

Digital Developers + Designers

TGA develops game-based solutions for individual employee training, live event training, tradeshows, traditional classrooms, and consumer marketing.


Because you can only improve what you measure, we build analytics into every nook and cranny of our games. We provide our clients with immediate feedback to enhance performance every step of the way.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

As kids, we loved playing board games. As teenagers, we spent our money at arcades. Today we make games to make learning more fun and effective. TGA has been doing this since 2007, and we hope to help you do so in the very near future.

  • Stephen Baer
    Stephen BaerHead of Creative
  • Joseph Mcdonald
    Joseph McdonaldHead of Production
  • Richard Lowenthal
    Richard LowenthalHead of Business Services
  • Rajeev Paliwal
    Rajeev PaliwalHead of Account Management
  • Corey Redlien
    Corey RedlienHead of Technology
  • Chris Lane
      Chris LaneChief Financial Officer
    • Jeff Burchett
        Jeff BurchettGames Guru
      • Lynn Kirchenberg
          Lynn KirchenbergLoyalty Lover
        • Michelle Haggerty
            Michelle HaggertyEnterprise Enthusiast


          We are always proud to share our Fortune 500 client list and even more proud to share that most of our clients have been working with The Game Agency for 5+ years.

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